April 11, 2014

Enchanted Polish - March 2014 and April 2014 Swatches & Reviews

Do you ever start updating your blog and notice that what you're writing is boring and lame and delete it?

We're up to month 4 now with the Enchanted Polish mystery pre-sales and the colors keep getting better, though the three polishes she released for that Mishka collab thing (which I find completely bizarre by the way and I'm a weirdo) are goooorgeous. I would assume that's why March and April were pre-sold together.


March 2014 is a happy apple green with yellow highlights, that signature light blue microglitter, and completely in. ya. face. linear holo. I had a sneaking suspicion that March would be a green polish (for St. Patrick's day, you know, since February was pink like Valentine's Day and January was dark teal for... uh... seasonal depression) and it's a really good green. It works really well with my skin tone I think and it's not just boring crayon green so I'm pleased. Brandy is pleased. Also the formula is thick in a pleasant and workable way and self-leveling.

Shown below is two coats with topcoat in BEAUTIFUL OHIO SUNLIGHT CUZ IT'S LIKE 68 DEGREES OUT, BISHES.

April 2014 is a soft blue-grey with white highlights (can that even be a thing? I want to say they're like really really really pale pink but I could seriously be crazy) and subtle linear holo. It's a sweet, feminine color. Blue for Autism Awareness Month? I'm glad it's not your typical spring pastel which I absolutely haaaaaaaate. I'm one of those people. Same formula as March 2014 (or, as usual really for EP).

Shown below is three coats with topcoat.

 April 2014 has reeeeally grown on me. I love how it kind of looks grey in some light and I superlove how it looks on my nails. I'm still pretty excited to see what future months will bring. I was thinking about this whole thing and how long she's going to do the monthly pre-sale. Is it just going to be this year? Will she go back to regular releases afterwards? I wonder when she'll stop making polish.

Deep thoughts.

Anyway, we're going to the park because, like I said, it's awesome out. It's supposed to snow next week. OHIOOOOOO. Better enjoy the warmth while I can.


  1. That green! I've never purchased any Enchanted Polishes, but geez I think I might have to change that!

    1. Now that she's doing pre-orders for the monthlies it's easy to purchase them without insaaaaaaaane price inflation!