April 2, 2014

Polish Addict Nail Color - Jellyfish I Swatch & Review

It's Jellyfish I, right? Like, Roman numeral-style? Not 1? (Personally I think the second version should have been called Jellyfish II but I suppose that is neither here nor there, as said in my nose-up tea-drinkingest-with-the-pinkie-out voice).

Jellyfish I is a white base with a deeee-lightful golden flash and tiny purple, light blue and gold glitters interspersed all up ins.

Shown below is three thin layers with Essie G2G topcoat.

It's kind of like warm sunshine on my nails, you know? I haven't looked at a jellyfish in a long time, but yeah, I'm sure they'd probably like having this polish named after them. They'd probably even wear it on their nails, if they had nails... on the ends of their tentacles... which would be horrible.

Truth time: real-life jellyfish kind of freak me out. I like the cartoon kind, though. And those moon jelly guys are pretty all right too.


  1. It's a lovely polish, I'd really love to have it :) PS: you are killing me here with your security codes at the comments :))))

    1. To be honest, I didn't even know there WERE security codes for the comments! Ha! I guess, since it's my blog and all, they don't expect me to, like, spam it. But I'm sorry! :)

  2. Let's hope jellyfishes don't get inspired to have this on the tip of their tentacles, that would be very very wrong, and a bit too strange.

    Besides from that, it's a pretty cool polish :)

    1. Oh nonsense. Jellyfish Salons way down in the ocean. I can see it now.

      Anyway, yeah, I like it!