June 3, 2014

Little Babies of Love

Hi, you friends.

Sorry I've been MIA! I have a little story for you. When a mommy and a daddy love each other...

No, okay, but I'm having (another) baby. I'm due in January so it's, I guess, all super early to just be blabbing about it all over the internet or whatever. I do what I WANT. I've told you that! It's true!

Anyway, the smell of nail polish makes me nauseous (in addition to the smell of meats/eggs being cooked which carried over from last time) so I, like, don't paint my nails anymore. IT'S A GOOD THING I HAVE A NAIL BLOG, RIGHT?


So, aaaahhh... yeah. I mean, the miracle of life and all of that. I'm (we're) super excited (and it had better be a flippin' girl because I am DONE) but I forgot how much the first trimester sucked. The weirdness of completing a pregnancy (as in, gaining sixty pounds and going about 48% crazy for a few months) then returning to a fairly normal, pre-pregnancy state and getting pretty comfortable in this body (an oddly curved spine and kind of a butt that I didn't have before; boobs!; hips!; other, less okay-to-talk-about-on-a-nail-polish-blog body parts changes) then slowly having it puff up again. I'm almost eight weeks now and I've already had to go up a hole on my belt. I know things happen a lot faster the second time around buuut that doesn't mean I'm ready for/pumped about it.

And that concludes the super selfish superficial portion of this entry. Which is pretty much all of it.

Things I've been craving desperately (when I'm not laying on the toilet):

1. Iced Chai Tea Lattes with 1 pump of vanilla from Starbucks
2. UMAMI. I want to, like, drink soy sauce. Good soy sauce though, not the kind that just tastes like salt water.
3. Ice cream
4. Salt & Vinegar chips (like, kettle cooked ones)
5. Like, 98% of the shit they whip up on Food Netwook competition shows

I would like to continue to update as much as possible, and hopefully the morning sickness gets right on out of here by week 12 like last time. Oh! Not to mention my nails are pretty nubsy at the moment due to a pretty severe ring finger nail break on ye olde swatch hand.

How's everybody doing these days? I miss you.