April 30, 2015

Bear Pawlish Custom and Other Big Things!

HI. How ARE you guys? Is anybody still there?

I'll start with some polish, because this is a polish blog. But don't get too excited about it, because I might not post again for another X months. But maybe I will...! But maybe I won't. (I will).

I got acrylics. :x Don't judge, my nails refuse to grow out past my fingertips anymore. Plus car seats are brutal, dawgs. They're almond shaped! This custom that I ordered from Bear Pawlish is called Helix Crash (though it says Garnet Rising on the label because I forgot to tell Tennessee what I wanted to name it, eh heh) which is an anagram of my son's name, because I'm super clever. It's a fiery garnet super-holo with holographic red glitter and the giggles of every child who's ever lived. Behold:

Um, yeah, right? All pictures were taken under OttLite without topcoat. I've since filed my nails to be less bulbous 'round the edges, but of course now I need them filled. Acrylics are hard. I'm struggling to type, but my hands look BAD. ASS. *death metal guitar solo*

So, remember how I was pregnant? Well, after nine months I just couldn't do it anymore. HA HA. A little over 41 weeks, actually. Labor was nutz, but I won't freak you out with the deets. Labor though... shudder, shudder. His name is Alex, and he's THE BEST BABY EVER. Seriously. My first was a crazy baby, but Alex is so unbelievably calm, and happy, and easy. And cute.

He was born on January 21st at 8:40pm, 7lb 14 oz, 20.5". He's growing so unreasonably fast:


Finally, this happened:

Sorry for the sucktastic picture, but this broad is ENGAGED! After four years and two kids, we're finally making things "official". Andy took me to a movie for our anniversary (which was the 22nd, but we celebrated on the 26th) but it wasn't a movie at all, it was our faces as babies on the big screen, then as kids, then awkward high schoolers, then together, then our kids, then he proposed! And all of our family and friends were there too, but I didn't see them before because it was dark in the theater. Gaaaahhh it was the best proposal ever, and I'm seriously the luckiest gal alive. What a shitty cliff's notes version of a really awesome thing.

Also we had sushi, and went bowling, and I drank too much sake, and I kind of love my liiiife.

So, that's what's been going on in my life. I miss blogging, and I've definitely still been playing with polish. I hope to keep this posting thing somewhat steady. How are you guys? What'd I miss?