April 15, 2014

Rainbow Honey April 2014 Mini Mystery Bag Swatches & Reviews

Oh, dudes.

1. My computer forgot what its hard drive was. Seriously. I was using it just fine the night before and then in the morning I went to turn it on and the screen was frozen. No big, hard reboot, whatevs. Starts up to the Repair Utility. Uhhh... wat. Did I accidentally hold down like, shift+R?

Reboot. The same.
Repeat like 100 more times. Sigh.

Took computer to Apple store where I was told that the only solution was to completely wipe all information from computer and reinstall the operating system. AWESOME. I installed OS X Mavericks about 3 months ago and didn't have a problem. Apparently it was a software conflict, according to Apple guy. Partitions and shiz. Completely over my head. Upon researching the issue, I found out that I wasn't the only person that had insane problems after installing Mavericks.

Dear Apple,
If you're going to release an OS update, can you please make sure it's not going to completely screw up my life? I miss Steve Jobs.

2. I broke a damn nail. Not all the way off... teabagged it with hopes it will maintain this time. Come on.

Totally worth $10, seriously!
Aaaanywho, today I'm going to tell you all about the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag for April 2014, mini version. Rainbow Honey sells both a mini ($10) and full size ($25) version, and I'm glad I went with the mini this month. I'll tell ya why later. Let's start with some swatches.

Oh, another quick side note: Until I can figure out a way to get Photoshop (SO CRY, MUCH WEEP) again, my swatches are probably gonna suck. I'm getting acclimated with a couple different free photo editing programs... My apologies in advance.

First up is Cameo 18 which is a punchy neon pink creme (that doesn't require a white base coat *coughESSIEcough*). I love it. It's so bright and girly and summery (even though it freaking snowed here last night). The formula was good; neither too thick nor thin, and it evened out well.

Shown below is 2 coats with topcoat.

Rainbow Honey Cameo 18 Swatch
Note: Brighter in real life.

Next is Stellar Twist, a glitter topper packed with pink shimmer, micro and square glitter in light blue, silver and magenta (some of which is holo) and small magenta stars. I'm sure I'm missing some things -- there's so much in there. A little thick but not goopy, and the glitter payoff was pretty good.

Shown below is two coats over Cameo 18 with topcoat.

Rainbow Honey Stellar Treat Swatch

Also included was a mini All Your Base (ha) base coat that I used under Cameo 18, which is  formulated with vitamin E. Neat!

Then there's a little pot of pigment in a lovely mint green with pink and blue sparkles called Sparkling Agave. The color is gorgeous and I love what the sparkles add, but the staying power is kind of 'meh'. The swatch on my arm had rubbed off after 5 minutes. I didn't put it over a primer or anything, so maybe that would help keep it around.

There's also a lip balm and mini rollerball perfume in the scent Rose Nectar. The lip balm is nice and smooth and not goopy, but I just can't get behind the scent. The rose is so strong and it doesn't smell like actual rose, it's more like that scented-plastic smell they use on little girl toys, you know? Like, I think I had a My Little Pony that smelled like that. Plus rose for a lip balm is kind of putting-off anyway. The sweetness of the nectar is also too intense. My boyfriend said it smelled like some kind of alcoholic mixer. I looooved the mini rollerball scent (Lavandula) last month and I definitely plan on getting a full size of that one. I don't see Rose Nectar on the Rainbow Honey website yet, so that's  good. Maybe it won't make it to actual retail.

Finally, there were ten gold pyramid studs and 2 pigment applicators included as little extras.

TL;DR - I'm happy with the nail part of this month's mystery bag. I loved the color of the pigment but I wonder how long it will last during actual use. Rose Nectar is no.

Do you think you'll purchase the mystery bag in the future? Anything strike your fancy?

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