April 17, 2014

Colors by Llarowe - Oops! Bag (round two) + Teal Oops Comparison

Hi everybody! Hi new friends! I just want to take a couple seconds here to thank you guys for reading and following. Without sounding like too much of a giant poop, I don't often feel very accomplished. I'm a stay at home mom (who majored, but didn't earn a degree, in printmaking) and it's difficult for me sometimes to find, like, merit in my life. I know "being a mom is the hardest job in the world" blah blah blah. It has its ups and downs, but the thing I struggle with the most in being a SAHM is that there isn't any sort of universal scale I can use to see if I'm doing a good job, you know? The kids are alive and fed and clothed most of the time, so I'm at least getting passing review. Oh, and loved. Can't forget about that love thing.

Aaaaanyway, that all is to say that it's really awesome to be able to look at my blog stats and see an increase in readership, more comments, things like that. You guys rooting me on. I know it's just one silly nail blog in a sea of thousands of (mostly better) nail blogs, but the support is thrilling. I mean it.

[insert cute 'thank you' GIF here]

Colors by Llarowe had another restock on Oops! Bags so obviously I had to get one. Super pumped to have only received one duplicate (Oopscat, actually, which I'm pretty all right with!) out of the three polishes that are included in the Oops! Bag.

The two new ones I received are:

1. Pink Sprinkles Oops!
This guy was the result of bleeding glitter but actually turned out to be a favorite amongst customers. The base shade of pink is so freaking pretty (and flattering on my skin tone) and the addition of the magenta glitters brings a nice little addition to an already great polish. I've only seen one swatch of OG Pink Sprinkles and I like the Oops! waaaay better.

2. Teal Oops!
I saw a bottle shot of this color after the last Oops! Bag restock and wanted it desperately as I am a TTW (total teal whore, which I just made up, which I am totally going to implement henceforth).

... remind you of anything? Liiiike, maybe a certain Literary Lacquer called Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster? I compared the two, if you wanted to see:

Yeah, they're pretty much identical. The only real difference I noticed was that Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster has the edition of holo micro glitter. Whaddya think about THAT?

I mean, I looooooove P.G.G.B. so whatever whatevs. It was just kind of like 'oh, hey...'. The formula's great on both of them so no complaints.


  1. That first one reminds me of indigo bananas hot ice creams for cold days!

    1. I had to look that one up. DANG. Want!
      Indigo Bananas is one of those indie brands I know I love but I often forget about. It's weird, and kind of dumb. :/

  2. Holos are my kryptonite and *teal* holos are the holy grail of holos! /makes grabby hands at pictures/

    If you ever decide to do a blog sale, I will throw money at you. LOL

    I did the SAHM thing for years and then worked most of time when my daughter wasn't going through chemo. It's hard either way (and keeping them clothed can be a full time job). You're doing fine. :-)

    1. My problem is that I just have such enormously good taste that every polish I end up buying is so gorgeous that I could never part with it. The jokes, the jokes. There are approximately zero reasons why I should to keep both of those teal holos, though. For real.

      The part about your daughter got me right in the heart. It's so easy to whine and complain about the little things when one doesn't have big things to worry about. My stress is soooooo trivial, and I'm undeservingly lucky for that. You're awesome, and I sincerely hope your daughter is in good health now! Thanks for that. :)

    2. I'm going to tell you the same thing I tell everyone else - we all have our stress, and it's just as important to us as theirs is to them.

      My daughter was first diagnosed in 1989 when she was 4 1/2 with leukemia. She went through 17 years of remissions, relapses, transplants and treatments until she died from it in December 2006. I was amazingly lucky to be her mom for 21 years, and while her sister and I miss her every single day, I know that she did a heck of a lot of living in that time. People still talk about her, and laugh, and that is what is important.

      But yeah - you should let go of one of those holo's. ;-P

    3. Oh I'm sorry, Missy. I literally (which I say often but in this case actually mean it) cannot imagine losing a child. My brain doesn't have the proper connections to even form the thoughts.

      You should shoot me an email!

    4. Just did. Hug your kiddos extra hard, 'k?

  3. Okay, your blog is the first I've heard of oops polishes. What are they? How do you get them? Do they ship internationally? The polishes are beautiful, I need more info!

    1. If an indie polish maker mixes a batch of polish that is inconsistent with how it's supposed to be, instead of throwing away a whole bunch of expensive pigment, glitter and base, they can sell usually discounted bottles of the mistake! I've only ordered Oops polishes from two makers -- Llarowe (www.llarowe.com) and Pahlish (http://www.pahlish.bigcartel.com/). International shipping depends on the maker -- Llarowe and Pahlish both ship internationally.

      I find out about restocks of these kinds of polishes (which typically sell out quickly because of their limited nature) by signing up for mailing lists and through their social media sites (facebook, twitter, instagram). Llarowe's Oops!

      I hope this helped!

    2. It did! Thanks so much Brandy :) I'm totally signing up for their mailing lists etc then. Cause if *points above* THAT is considered an oops by llarowe, then I'm all over it! DAMN that's beautiful.