April 4, 2014

Fresh Paint - Gold Medalist Swatch & Review (and my 100th blog post!)

GUYS GUYS GUYS. I LIKE HARDLY EVER COMMIT TO ANYTHING!!! I can't believe this is my 100th post. I guess that's only like 3 months' worth of daily blogging. BUT STILL, DANG! I feel like my posts are less-sucking, and I'm somehow slowly managing to gain followers (thank you thank you thank you thank you!) and I've only broken one nail on my swatch hand recently so I'm not embarrassed by my swatches! Ye blog gods seem to be finally nodding in approval!

This is the kind of thing my feels are doing.
I wish I would have thought enough ahead to swatch a, like, significant polish. Like maybe one I had been lemming a while orrrr a favorite color even, or did some nail art for the occasion. Nope! Not one of those things. :/

I do have, however, another polish from Five Below called Gold Medalist. I guess Fresh Paint had kind of an Olympics-themed collection because there was a blue polish there called... uh... I forget what, but it had to do with the Olympics. Cool story, right?

Gold Medalist is a sheer yellow base with gold and pink shimmer that is difficult to photograph but is much more apparent in real life. In the store, this polish looked like a duochrome but it's not, really. It never isn't gold, it just has a strong pink sheen to it in certain lights.

Below shows three thin coats (except on ring finger which is one coat over Zoya - Raven) with Essie G2G topcoat.

Fresh Paint Gold Medalist

Fresh Paint Gold Medalist

Fresh Paint Gold Medalist

I also layered one coat over OPI - Love.Angel.Music.Baby (only on my ring finger) to get rid of VNL without straying too far from the original color. Although it's subtle, the polishes play soooo well together.

OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby and Fresh Paint Gold Medalist

Gold Medalist kind of reminds me of Orly - Space Cadet without the blue base. I think this would be a fun polish to franken with, especially for how inexpensive it is (3 for $5 at Five Below).

You know what? This polish IS kind of acceptable for this post! It's like I've symbolically given myself a gold medal for being first place in Actually Following Through! Yeah! Go Brandy!

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