April 25, 2014

Bath & Body Works Color Drops - Sour Grapes


Bath & Body Works should start carrying nail polish again, IMO. Not only were the bottles adorable, but they all came with a little charm on the cap and smelled like things. Plus the colors (that I remember) were actually pretty cool. I used to have a few more of these guys, but heck only knows where they disappeared to over the years.

Bath & Body Works Color Drops Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes is a warm-toned grape purple (nooo, really?) with greenish shimmer (not entirely unlike Rescue Beauty Lounge - Scrangie from what I've seen by swatches online). It used to smell like regular grapes when it dried! I kind of forgot to smell it before slapping on topcoat so I can't testify to whether or not it's managed to hang onto its scent. Sorrryyyyy.

Bath & Body Works Color Drops Sour Grapes

The shimmer translates a bit differently onto the nail in a less saturated way. It's still pretty, and beyond its time, and all of that. The first picture below shows three coats with topcoat in direct sunlight, while the second was taken under OttLite.

Bath & Body Works Color Drops Sour Grapes Swatch

Bath & Body Works Color Drops Sour Grapes Swatch

I owned this polish for at least 15 years and didn't use it for 14 of those, so I gifted it to an absolute angel of a human being who I know will appreciate it more than me. It's just not a color I'd wear all that often, you know? And with 300 other choices, what's the point in hanging onto a polish just for sentimental value? I AM NOT A HOARDER, GUYS. SEE?


Any vintage polish collectors out there?


  1. I didn't know they even made polishes in the first place! LOL

    That is really pretty, and the green shimmer makes it just different enough. I'm sure your giftee will be very happy.

  2. OMG, I have one of these! It was my very first polish - my cousin gave it to me and it is ABSOLUTELY NOT my color. It's an intense bubblegum pink with a very subtle shimmer. It came with a teddy bear charm (also not my thing LOL). I do still have it and have worn it a few times when I needed a pink for like, Valentines Day or something. I don't remember it ever smelling like anything, though I probably only wore it twice back then and only on my toes. It doesn't smell now! Well, it does, but just like polish. XD

    The shimmer in yours is really cool. I wish B&BW would do polishes again too!