February 10, 2014

Enchanted Polish - January 2014 Swatch & Review

I'm still kind of on the fence about Enchanted Polish.

I totally bought into January 2014 during the EP pre-sale being a mystery color. I figured I didn't have too much to lose since 1.) people are still totally ape-poop over EP;  2.) nobody sells EP at or below retail; and 3.) if I didn't love the color, I could sell it for what I paid so, like, everybody wins, right?

January 2014 came in a pretty shiny black box this time with the signature holographic foil-accented logo. If nothing else, EP's branding design is super easy on the eyes.

Upon removal, January 2014 looked like a dark dark gray creme with linear holo. Then I noticed that there was some bright blue super-fine particle action going on (not unlike what's sparkling around in A Little Fishy Told Me). Then I realized that the polish wasn't grey, but a blackened teal.

The formula is pretty dreamy-- just thick enough to avoid cuticle flooding, but it's self-leveling and deeply pigmented so that opacity happens in two easy coats. Plus, it's nice and glossy without topcoat.

It's pretty though, right? I don't know that it's $17 pretty, but I get that EP has grown into kind of a designer indie brand and part of the cost is in the name itself. The reason I'm on the fence about EP is because of the insane hype surrounding it. I wasn't in the, uh, polish game when EP transitioned from lesser-known indie brand to bottles-going-for-twenty-times-their-original-price territory, and I'm curious as to when exactly that happened. Most EPs are genuinely lovely polishes, but I would never dream of spending 10 polishes' worth of money for a single, "htf" bottle. I get why people do it, but there are too many awesome indie brands out there (and my budget is far too limited) for me to ever be that person.

If you bought this polish, are you happy with it? If you didn't, do you wish you had?

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