February 7, 2014

Finger Paints - Chromatic Creation Swatch & Review

Visited my Sally Beauty yesterday to take advantage of the 2-for-1 sale on Finger Paints nail polish. In addition to Chromatic Creation, I got one of their new textures, Symmetrical Symphony and a gorgeous red glass fleck I hadn't noticed before. I really like Finger Paints' rebranding-- the bottle font before was just so, I dunno, wacky.

Wacky, she says.

By the way, I don't love chrome polish. I'm pretty interested in OPI - Push and Shove but I'm pretty excited for the day when polish can be formulated to have a legitimate mirror finish. Chromes just fall a little flat to me. Metallics, in general, just aren't my thing.

That being said... Chromatic Creation is a silver chrome with barely-there linear holo. Neat that Finger Paints tried jumping on board the holo train but I wish it had more of an impact. I didn't, uh, use a base coat for this swatch so you can see the true effery that is the state of my poor abused nails. I have every intention on getting Duri Rejuvicote or Nail Envy, really.

Chromatic Creation built to opacity in three thin coats (though I'm sure two would probably be acceptable) and is shown below without topcoat.

I'd like to note that I tried every available light source around me to bring the holo out and this was the strongest I could get it (my trusty OttLite who I swear does not endorse me in any way). This is how it looked even in direct sunlight, in my camera's flash... even in the awful kitchen light that I have dubbed The Holo Whisperer.

If you're looking for a decent, bright silver metallic/chrome, this isn't a bad option. Just don't get it looking for dem rainbowz because the chrome is definitely more of what this guy is about.

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