February 23, 2014

Girly Bits - Get Weaponized Swatch & Review

Ahoy! I participated in a Valentine's Day swap with an indie polish group on Facebook aaaaand Get Weaponized was one of the four awesome polishes I received from my darling swap-friend. In addition to it being my first Girly Bits polish, it rules way hard for these reasons:

1. Teal.
2. Linear holo.
3. Magenta and purple glitter.
4. Super easy to work with formula.

Get Weaponized was a custom shade made for a blog's two year anniversary (Nail Polish Wars, if you were curious and were somehow just finding out through my silly blog). 

Swatches show two thin coats topped with this calcium nail hardener stuff I dug up because I don't know where my Essie G2G went to, mope. The polish dried with a hint of grittiness to it so with a better topcoat it would have looked a lot smoother in thee pixx.

The thing I like most about this polish is that it's balanced-- it's not just a holo polish or just a glitter polish. The components work together to create a comprehensive effect. Not that I don't love rainbows and sparkles at the tips of my fingers, but the elements in this polish seem to be added thoughtfully, not just "let's make this holo cuz everybody loves holo".

Does any of that make sense to you guys?

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