February 11, 2014

PinkDipsyBulle - Coral Reef, Caribbean Sea and Arctic Ocean Swatches & Reviews

My first spam-ish post!

I've got three discontinued colors from PinkDipsyBulle today. There are a couple bottles of each for sale on her website still (at $4.50 each!!!). They come in 10ml bottles, so while they contain less than the 'standard' amount, for the price ($6 regularly) I'm not complaining.

Coral Reef is a bright pink jelly with a pink flash. Slightly sheer, this built to opacity in three coats. Shown below without topcoat.

I had just a tiny issue with brushstrokey-ness but nothing that would prevent me from wearing the crap out of this in the summer. I don't always pink, but when I do, I PinkDipsyBulle - Coral Reef.

Caribbean Sea is an icy light blue (though PDB describes it as light turquoise) with subtle linear holo and what appears to be flakies. I noticed that there's a sediment deposit at the bottom of the bottle that looks like it's made up of nothing but these flakies. They do end up on the nail but they're barely noticeable. The sheerest of the bunch, shown below is three coats without topcoat.

The holo was a bit lost in photos but it's there, and I do love the color, although I kept thinking that this one was Arctic Ocean because of how much it reminded me of cold things.

Finally, we have Arctic Ocean which is a rich royal blue with just a whisper of a purple duochrome, with scattered holographic particles. It does have a bit of a blue flash-- I love how this looks like it's glowing on the nail. A little brushstrokey here too, but the color is so lovely that I totally forgive it. Shown below is three coats without topcoat.

I'm glad I picked these up before she was sold out of them. Looking through her past sales, there are a few colors she no longer has pigments to make and I'm sorry I missed out. I truly believe that PDB is a totally underrated indie polish brand, especially for the price.

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