February 5, 2014

Color Club - Wild at Heart Swatch & Review

Color Club - Wild at Heart was one of those colors that I saw a swatch of, fell in love, acquired a bottle and upon receipt decided that it wasn't as awesome as the pictures made it seem. It looks just okay in the bottle... I didn't make it a point to swatch it immediately. Dumb!

Now that it's on my fingers, I'm in love again. Wild at Heart is pretty crayon-purple base with medium linear holo that applied reasonably and was opaque in two careful coats.

Pictures show two coats without topcoat. I used a base coat this time because without it you could see my poor nail's ridges even more than you usually do.

Purple's one of those colors I kind of forget about until I find something that I really like in the color (liiiike nail polish). It's kind of insane that it took me as long as it did to get around to putting it on. I wonder how many other colors I've overlooked like this...

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