September 8, 2013

My First Enchanted Polish: A Little Fishy Told Me Swatch

So, I was originally like "wtf?" about Enchanted Polish. The hype seemed ridiculous with the third-party price-jacking and the impossible-to-purchase-ality during EP launches. I thought some of the colors looked pretty awesome, but I also knew of other, more accessible polishes that were just as pretty but wouldn't require me to sell of my limbs to be able to afford on eBay since I would never actually be able to buy them on any other site.

Then I swapped for one, and it was kind of like "oh, that's why," although I'm pretty okay with the idea that this is the only EP I might ever own.

A Little Fishy Told Me, like you don't know, was created for one of the most adorable and vivacious little girl I've ever seen in my life, and all the proceeds from the polish's sale were apparently donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The polish is a desaturated mint shade with subtle holo and even more subtle sky-blue microglitter (which in very certain lights looks pink, I SWEAR). It seemed a bit thick but not annoyingly so and was basically opaque in 2 coats. Shown here is 3 coats, topped with SV.

I wish the blue glitter was more prevalent in pictures. It really does add another layer of gorgeousness to an already beautiful polish. I'm really happy I was able to acquire it, and I'm even happier I didn't have to go through a bunch of nonsense to get it.


  1. Replies
    1. Fun fact: I just today discovered the vibrance adjustment in photoshop so when my camera captures my skin tone in a very orange way, I can't adjust that shiz. Also, I can accurately display the polish color (at least on myyyy monitor). ALSO THANKS. I like it.

  2. My wish is that EP would have had more straight chromes, no holos. But that's just me.