September 16, 2013

ILNP: Mutagen and Birefringence Ultra Chromes NOTD

ONE: My stupid pinky nail broke on my swatch hand. This is why, until it grows out (fourteen decades from now), it will be hiding, awkwardly, off to the side, under the bottle or something.

Total Nails Broken Since I Started Growing Them Out: 5

TWO: THE ULTRA CHROMES RULE. Birefringence is a little bottle of Lisa Frank's tears. It does that thing on the nail where one eye sees the blue and one sees the magenta so it's all brain-playing-with and magical and the fuuutuuuureee.

Anyway, I'm seriously a nail tape junky when it comes to making designs. And by designs I mean lines. Lines in patterns. I need to get the other two Ultra Chromes so I can go crazy with them and nail tape and then I'll never change my polish again and then when I die I will have my hands preserved and they will be doing metal horns.

For all intense and porpoises, this is 3 coats of Birefringence on the non-accent nails with a coat of SV. The accents nails have 3 coats of Mutagen with one coat of SV followed up with 1 thick coat of Birefringence, topped with 2 coats of SV. BAM.

Artificial Light
Direct Sunlight
Indirect Sunlight
Your Hopes and Dreams
For the record, while some bubbles are present, it's not nearly as disasterly as that macro is making it. So, I'ma go stare at my hands for about six hour. Naw, I'ma play Skyrim and stare at my hands during loading screens.



  1. This is beautiful! Love this! Ima complete nail tape junkie too!

    1. Thank you! I don't have steady enough hands to make legit line with just a striping brush so nail tape is my savior. Of course my favorite designs involve just straight lines, ha.

  2. Um whaaaaat this is super pretty. Genius, really.

    1. *coughIlovechalkboardnailscough* Oh, thanks! This polish rules. I feel like I could, like, snort lines of it and sneeze it onto my nails and still get pretty outstanding results.

  3. SWEET JEEBUS! I love LOVEE this! Bravo!

    1. <33333 Thanks, geeyurrrlll. I really feel like I should have gotten all 4 of them, now.