September 4, 2013

Zoya: Aurora Swatch & Review


Firsties: Because of the move, I'm still not on my regular computer and I haven't downloaded my watermark font onto this one which is why my watermark is lame. Because you noticed that. Because "lbol" is going to prevent people from stealing my pictures. Because my pictures are worth stealing. Because everybody knows what "lbol" stands for.

Secondsies: I bought Aurora from a Pinterest polishes for sale page along with 11 other polishes for $32 including fees and shipping, most of which were Zoyas. I LOVE PINTEREST I LOVE PINTEREST etc.

Thirdsies: Look at this shiz--

3 coats, sunlight
I KNOW, RIGHT? So, Aurora is a fuchsia-violet jelly with holographic glitter, but not just ANY holographic glitter, it's all irregularly-shaped and things. Plus, I swears, it's linear holo to boot, just in a very scattered way.

Application was all right. It didn't apply as smoothly as other brands I've been obsessed with lately (coughSINFULCOLORScough) but it was mostly 'opaque' (as much as a jelly can be, anyway) in 3 heavy coats. I almost typed goats just then. Three heavy goats.

3 goats, shadelight
Aurora is from Zoya's 2012 Ornate (holiday) Collection. I also got Storm from the same collection that I cannot wait to try. I. Love. This. Nail. Polish.

I need some consistency to this blog, right? Polish shot with the bottle, without the bottle, wonky watermark, crappy lighting in like 239482973 of the swatches, and so on. I just need to hit my stride. Or not suck so hard at blogging. Or a happy combo of bolth.