September 24, 2013

Layla: CE 52 The Butterfly Effect Swatch & Review

Because one can never have enough flakies in one's life.

I found a college textbook from a couple years ago in my mom's garage and traded it in to Amazon for more money than I thought I'd get sooo of course I got a whole bunch of nail-related things (a Konad stamper and Russian nesting doll plate being two of which...) including this polish! I almost got Nfu-Oh 51 with my first swap but didn't, and not that it's, like, the hardest polish to find ever or anything but I didn't actively seek it out after that. But when I saw that The Butterfly Effect was a dupe for it, AND on Amazon at a reasonable price (um, also gift card), I had to get it because duh.

Here're some swatches, ya'll! This is 4 coats (Doofus McDingbat didn't use a colored base, but it didn't take too long anyway).

The Butterfly Effect is a purple jelly base packed with red-orange to green shifting flakies. For real life, orange and purple are soulmates. They look so dang good together. And how the orange takes on a sort of coral tone to it because of the purple all over it... yes.

I didn't do a very good job capturing the green shift but you can see the spectrum of orange to yellow to green along the left side of the nail in the last two pictures.

Application was fine overall. A couple issues with bald patches here and there (I knoooow because of the whole not letting it dry thing. Okay). I scooted some of the flakies around during the 2nd coat which was completely not needed since by the 4th they were all, you know, all over the place evenly.

I'm quite satisfied with this guy. I now own 3 Layla polishes and I haven't been disappointed yet. 

Side note: isn't my pinkie nail just the saddest thing you've ever seen? I've tried cropping it out but swatches look legit weird with only 3 nails.

Side not dos: I just ate an entire bag of xplosive pizza flavored Goldfish.


  1. I have to use Lambada now. BLESS ALL THE FLAKIES <33

    1. I just googled that. So good! I love multicolor flakies like that.