September 23, 2013

Fresh Paint: Sugar Crush (Shine of the Times Dupe!)

At Five Below today I noticed a bin full of a polish that looked remarkably like Essie: Shine of the Times. SOTT was my first true lemming, so I thought I'd do my very first comparison post on these two polishes. I know there have been other polishes in the past that were pretty close to SOTT, but I think this one is the closest thing I've seen to an actual dupe.

The photos below show 1 coat of polish over Zoya: Raven, no topcoat.

Exhibit A:

Cloudy Sunlight

Exhibit B:

Artifical Light

Exhibit C:

Artificial Light
The color, green/yellow/orange shift, size and density of the flakies are almost identical. The differences are so subtle that if you're lemming SOTT but are unable to get a hold of it, Sugar Crush could very easily satisfy it! The only real differences I noticed were the shades of orange the polishes flashed: SOTT's orange is just the slightest bit more of a saturated, red-orange. Baaarely. Also the way in which the colors shift are slightly different as you'll notice in the second photo.

I'm looking at my nails right now and if I had the worst memory ever I would absolutely not be able to tell which is which.

Sugar Crush can be purchased for $2 at your local Five Below. Holla!


  1. I love SOTT and any polish like it. Flakies are super close to my heart. I did a fall-icure last year involving Fowl Play and SOTT.

    1. Oh man, flakie city! I almost bought Fowl Play the other day but I have Merry Midnight and heard they're pretty similar. But I know, dude. Something about dem flakes.

  2. Hi, I know this is a really old post so i'm hoping you'll still see this comment but.. what brand is 'Sugar Crush'. I don't have a 5 below in my country and as this post is so old i doubt they would still have it so I was hoping to find it elsewhere

    1. I see every comment! Comment away!
      Fresh Paint is the brand name, sold exclusively in Five Below stores. :(
      You should email me!
      littlebottlesoflove @ gmail . com