September 1, 2013

FingerPaints: Sarong So Right Swatch & Review

Oh, hey guys.
So, I broke three nails on my right hand during a garage sale I had. My thumb looks weird and gremlinish because of it. I seriously never in my life thought I'd prefer how my hands looks with nails versus without.

I went to Sally Beauty today just for funsies, mostly to check out the clearance, not having any real goal in mind. Besides picking up both Orly FX Matte Flakie topcoats, I also got this lovely gem.

2 coats, natural light

Crappy artificial light

Sarong So Right is the dreamy brainchild of Michelle Mismas of All Lacquered Up as part of her A Pair Affair collection. It's a coral jelly with subtle bright pink shimmer and scattered holo glitter. Basically, it's this: <3

The formula is a bit thick which makes for a much more opaque application than I'm used to in a jelly. Honestly, I wouldn't immediately have called it a jelly (although it is quite squishy looking) because of the slight texture it dries with. It almost looks like it could be a glow-in-the-dark polish by texture alone, but the color is much more saturated than a glow-in-the-dark.

I happen to love coral, jellies AND holo glitter so this polish is right up my alley and it definitely doesn't disappoint. Plus it's a 5-free polish so your fingers won't fall off and/or sprout freaky finger-fingers or anything. Pluuus it was dreamt up by quite possibly one of the nicest nail bloggers on the internets and I'm not even saying that to be a kiss-ass because I'm about 99.97% sure that Michelle will never see this, ha ha.

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