August 27, 2013

Salon Perfect: Light My Fire Swatch

Not a whole lot today.
I know I've used moving as an excuse for like 2 weeks now but seriously. Moooovingggg suckkkkssssssss.

Today is Salon Perfect Light My Fire. Why do people not swatch Salon perfect, like, always? It's seriously, seriously awesome. Which is why I keep showing it to you.

Artifical lighting, yo.
I guess it's definitely more glittery than shimmery but it's kind of hard to describe. It's probably not, I'm just bad at describing things. Okay, so, the base is super pigmented orange-soda orange with tons and tons of tiny orange and gold glitter. This is two coats and there's still a bit of VNL but that's not something that bothers me with a polish like this because it's really hard to notice because of the, you know, glitter. Dried pretty smooth but topped it off with SV just cuz.

And there you have it. Light My Fire. Yeah, it is that kind of. Like little flames hanging out at the tops of my fingers. Good job, SP, in your polish naming choices.

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