August 9, 2013

Essie: Shine of the Times


It's been a while.

We're in the process of moving. Moving sucks.

Here's a picture of Shine of the Times over Salon Perfect Electric Grape, with Revlon Matte top coat:

And a macro:

Right on. 


  1. SOTT is my JAM! And I love the way it looks mattefied!

  2. Do you have any other polishes like that? I've wanted to get those effect polishes by Finger Paints...

    1. Not really. I have this Revlon Moon Candy duo thinger that has a blue flakie in one end (and a quite lovely deep violet in the other) but I haven't done a lot with the flakie. I don't think I even have another iridescent flakie like that. I'm getting Zoya Chloe soon (which is a red/blue/green flakie). I do love flakies, man. SoTT is just sooo good. The amount of flake that's laid down in one coat is amazing.