August 14, 2013

Orly: Space Cadet Swatch & Review

Good day to you!

I know this is polish is a few years old but I just picked it up a couple weeks ago at Ulta when all of their Orly polishes were $4.99. What the hay?

Space Cadet is rad. It's been pretty dreary and chilly here the last few days so while it's not a summer color, it definitely fits the weather currently.

3 coats, cloudy sunlight
The particles flash between a pinkish mauve to a nice grass green with bronze and gold in between, and even a bit of blue and purple in the right conditions. Like I said, rad.

Blurred for your enjoyment, shade

Under a running tap (?), cloudy sunlight

I've been seeing chromatic polishes photographed under water because the light diffusion allows for a wider range of, like, colors happening. Or something. But I literally don't have a single sink in this apartment (out of 2) that I can plug up without going through some trouble and I don't know what the baby did with the tub plug. But I think the effect is there anyway, somewhat. 

That's that! I need to pack more. Mooooreeee. More always. Moving. Is. The. WORST.

Oh, um, application was pretty solid. 3 layers did it for me. Things and things.


  1. This polish is awesome. Even though I have Mac Mean & Green and Hard Candy Beetle, I'd prolly buy this one too just cuz I love multichrome polishes that much.

  2. I'm kind of over green/purple duochromes (boooo me) but I really love this polish.