August 3, 2013

My First Franken: Wannabe Essie Starry Starry Night

Edit: I just looked at a bunch of SSN swatch pictures and realized how much farther I still have to go with this, ha ha! (tear)

Got in late to the game. There are tons of gorgeous polishes I'll never be able to find/afford (although I did just buy a new bottle of Peel Me a Gobi Grape at a dusty today on the cheap...) and SSN is one of them. I have come to terms with it.

Using my extensive art background* I decided to take a stab at frankening. These are the polishes I chose to use:

L to R: L'oreal Miss Pixie & Berry Nice, Nina Ultra Pro Silver Slipper,
Wet n Wild Black and Essie Aruba Blue
I started by cleaning out an old Ulta mini bottle. I filled it up about halfsies with Miss Pixie and added a few drops of Black, a few drops of Berry Nice and a buncha drops of Silver Slipper. The result was a sad, sparkly grayish-blue. After quite a bit more Miss Pixie and Black, the polish turned into a desaturated version of SSN. It would have been pretty great if I had some royal blue pigment laying around. But alas. I decided to add a couple blurps of Aruba Blue despite the shimmer.

I don't have any ballz laying about. :'(
In the bottle it kind of just looks like a less dimensional Aruba Blue with silver sparkles all up in it. But on the nail:

Like three coats, Seche Vite'd, in the shade
1. I'm sorry it's my toe and thus cropped funny. I don't have, like, awful toes generally. I just don't moisturize them as much as I should so it's all dry skin looking and ain't nobody want to see that. 
2. It doesn't suck though, right?

Close-up. Ignore the green-stained cuticle area, prty plz
In the shade, it satisfies my lemming. Is that a correct way in which to use that word? Like, my lemming is a creature of some sort and it eats only vhtf polish and if I don't feed it it bites me in my eyes or something.

Buuut as you can see in strong light the Aruba Blue shimmer gets all shimmery which isn't a feature in SSN. But I like it anyway. I'm for sure going to try my hand at frankening more in the future. Because just finding and collecting already existing polish isn't addicting enough.

What am I going to call this? 

*like 3 years of ungraduated-from art school


  1. A for effort! I've been mad searching for a proper dupe of SSN and it sucks that they're just as htf as SSN itself!

    1. I. K. R.
      I mean, just come onnn. The night sky belongs on my frigging nails.