August 2, 2013

Barielle Orange Parfait & Pure Ice Heartbreaker

Hi friendos.

I was thinking about doing an ombre mani... gradient mani... that mani where a dark version of a color blends delightfully into a light version of said color. But I didn't. Instead, I painted a layer of Heartbreaker over Orange Parfait and ended up with this:

This was in the sun, I swears. 
Orange Parfait looks like a creamy coral in the bottle but actually dries a bit darker and brighter on the nail WHICH I didn't get a picture of. I dug it as-was. However, Heartbreaker rules hard, especially over orangey polishes I've found. It's all, oh I'm so shimmery and green!

Two coats of Orange Parfait, one coat of Heartbreaker except on ring finger which had 3.
The formula was Orange Parfait was just a touch thick but not so much in a bad way. I didn't think I was going to like this color much until I swatched it for my never-ending swatch book.

Shade. Heartbreaker duo-chrome-ness.
I bought Heartbreaker long before I was super into the, you know, polish lifestyle. I tried wearing it by itself and was pretty confused by its inability to be seen except for in bright light. I guess it was maybe kind of obvious that it's meant for layering anyway, despite being new at nail things. Whatever. I know now, okay? I learned. I learned the ways of the sneaky topcoat. 

A story:
I hate spiders. I have this insane irrational terror of the little bastards. It's bad. It's considering-going-to-a-hypnotist-about-it bad. SO, I'm cleaning my apartment yesterday and I notice this piece of cotton-looking fluff on one of my kid's sandals. I go to remove it and BAM this seriously blink-fast spider (that was by no means small) jumps out from under a sandal-flap and basically I unloaded a can of bug spray onto it which was real dumb because then I had to barricade that area so my put-everything-in-his-mouth child wouldn't insecticide to death. Spiders are THE WORST. I don't even like seeing the word. Have you seen those? The kinds that make these webs with holes going into them that they crawl out of. Heebie to the jeebie. I can't stop shuddering. I'm from Ohio, okay. I know Ohio spiders are little sissy spiders compared to, say, Texas spiders. They're still just awful.

What is today, even? Friday? All right, well, do have a wondrous weekend!


  1. I looooveee Heartbreaker. Oh Baby also.
    Loves me some Pure Ice.

    1. Oh dang. *googled Oh Baby*. Pure Ice is like the poor man's Ozotic.

  2. LOL, exactly! Don't You Wish is a good one too. I loves Pure Ice!

    1. Oh you stop that. Like I need more polishes to try and hunt down in my life.