July 25, 2013

Barielle Jillian's Jammin is my new favorite

So, I went on my first dusty hunt and it was AWESOME. More on that tomorrow...

Today, however, I offer you a beeee-aaaaa-uuuu-tiful polish from Barielle, a company I had never heard of until two days ago. I was shopping at the local Marshall's and came upon a couple boxes of 5-pack polishes for $8. The pack I bought contained Coco Bar, a chocolate brown creme; Orange Parfait, a warm coral creme; Angelic, a somewhat gummy baby pink; Glammed Out Garnet, a jewel-toned magenta glass fleck and this:

Jillian's Jammin (<3!!!!)
Jillian's Jammin is so dang pretty I don't even know where to start. Around the very edges of the bottle you can see the green-tinted base, and the picture there doesn't do even a little bit of justice to the cerulean/violet duochrome glass fleck action. I've seen pictures of this swatched without a darker coat underneath and felt like it didn't bring a lot of justice to the beauty of this polish, so I swatched it layered over Sally Hansen Gem-Stone.

Two coats of Jillian's Jammin over one coat of Gem-Stone, Seche Vite'd

Flash. Loooook atttt ittttt.


Hello, purple!
It took a minute for me to find the right lighting condition to be able to coax the violet out. I had painted my nails last night in artificial light and the color shift was constant. It was actually harder for me to find the bright blue through the violet. My camera also wasn't cooperating with the subtle shifts.

I mean, this polish is seriously gorgeous. I will definitely experiment with layering it over other dark colors. I'm super happy I picked the pack up, especially since none of the other colors blew me away. I would definitely have paid $8 just for this polish alone and I'm thrifty as ffffff.

Teaser for tomorrow: DV8 and Blue Moon Lagoon. 

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