July 8, 2013

Salon Perfect: Bermuda Baby Swatch & Review

Oh, haaaay!

Foreword: I love teal. As soon as I saw this color I was all 'yep'. Upon returning hope I noticed it was called Bermuda Baby and not Going Sailing Tropical Escape as it was on display as at Walmart. (Note: I have just returned from a polish trip and noticed that the display says Tropical Escape but it's fully stocked with Bermuda Baby and behind some pink shade was a bottle of Going Sailing which looks like a slightly dusty version of this color without the glorious shimmer. I never actually saw what Tropical Escape looked like. Boom.) That being said...

Hello, I'm neat!
Bermuda Baby is a bright sky-bluish teal with a fairly subtle light blue shimmer. At first, I thought the shimmer was more in the pink family, but it's, um, not. It's blue. And I love it. 

Three coats, indirect sunlight (shade, I guess)
I used Zoya Anchor base coat. Application kicked my face in. I don't know it's because I'm new at this or what but it was a wet-to-matte streaky see-through nightmare coats 1 and 2. Coat 3 evened things out to opacity bit but it was the mighty Seche Vite that saved me from the uneven texture. It was really hard to capture full shimmery action with my camera but a good example of how lovely it is color-wise is between my middle and ring finger shadows. 

A little more sunlight, here. Look at!
Overall, I dig the heck out of this polish. Chances are, I just need to get used to Salon Perfect application (and China Glaze, while we're at it) and maybe have some more nail to work with. Despite the small struggle, I'm quite happy with the finished result. 

Totally on purpose.

In fact, the color matches a tattoo I got almost ten years ago (oh, god, sob)! It's kind of like I was destined to find this color. We're color-mates. So, anyway...

There it is. Bermuda Baby. My very first swatch and review. Exhale!


  1. I'm totally confused about how to differentiate between aqua, turquoise and teal, but I love them all! That color is lovely. And I'm a huge fan of the matchy match, so there's that...

    1. I'm pretty sure I interchange those colors all the time without even thinking about it. I never really thought about it. I mean, I know they're different, I'm just not sure in what ways.