July 26, 2013

First-time Dusty Hunting Success

So, okay, I'm brand-new to the polish world. Like, I've always liked painting my nails but I had no, you know, technique. I didn't know you weren't supposed to paint all the way down to the cuticle, or what even to do WITH the cuticle. Wtf is base coat? Top coat? Plus I had bitten my nails since I can remember. Nervous habit. Soooo bad. Basically, I had chippy, streaky, nubby little rainbow bits on the ends of my fingers.

THAT BEING SAID, I still don't know for SURE what's, you know, legitimately rare and whatnot these days. I didn't even know nail polish could be frigging collectible until like two months ago. I don't claim to be any kind of nail polish aficionado, but from what I've read on various blogs (from googling things like "how to dusty hunt" and "htf nail polish" like a true champion) I done good.


L to R: Blue Moon Lagoon, LOL, DV8, Sexagon (real subtle, CG)

The first strip mall salon I went into had two ladies working, one being the store owner. I asked if she sold polish and she showed me two displays; one containing OPI, one containing China Glaze. I immediately recognized the silver caps as being potentially awesome. I wanted polishes specifically from the OMG collection but I figured since it came out in 2008 I would likely have to do some pretty hardcore searching. Well, the first bottle I picked up was DV8. I nervously looked at the names of other silver-capped bottles and quickly, without remembering any of them, paid for a new bottle of DV8 ($7, btw) and left, giddy.

I got home and did some research. I started writing down the names of every htf nail polish I liked and then, armed with a bit more info, went back to that glorious salon and picked up the other three. That was the last bottle of Sexagon and it's a little over halfway full so she only charged me $3. LOL was also $7. BML was $8. The lighting wasn't the best so I almost didn't even look at the label on that one as it appeared to be a fairly regular baby blue shimmer, but once I did my heart did a little back flip. Prior to this mini-haul, the only holo polish I owned was Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond from like a hundred years ago and the bottle's almost empty, tears.

Aaaaanyway, I saw a couple of other colors I intend on picking up (Parlez-Vous OPI being one, and likely the rest of whatever she has of the OMG and Kaleidoscope collections) but I need to stagger my purchases so everybody that knows me doesn't, like, force me into addiction therapy.

So, as a newbie-supreme, did I do all right for my first (and second, kinda) dusty hunt? 


  1. BML just went for $25 on a FB auction so yeah good work!

  2. You know what sucks about dusty hunting despite the righteous payoff? Bitchy little nail techs who quietly whisper to their customers about the weird girl who comes in weekly to buy nail polish. I can't FOCUS ON THE HUNTTT if look over and see the two of them do the stare-caught-turning head. And that is why <3nail polish community<3.

  3. I've yet to attempt this, but I can totally see this occurring and also having a hard time not saying something thus killing any chance for success, lol!

    1. On a side note, I made this weird horse sound when I saw DV8 just sitting there. I did all this research about htf polishes and assumed I would never get my hands on any of them. Now if only ANY salon in the area used Essies...

  4. I'm so awkward too. I'm like the most self-aware person alive. I don't /really/ know if they're talking about me, but I just can't imagine them not. I want to be like LOOK STUPID THIS BOTTLE OF POLISH RIGHT HERE HAS SOLD ON EBAY FOR 60 DOLLARS SO JUST SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH. But then my polishes would be all gone. Plus I don't even sell on ebay, so my argument is kind of personally invalid.