July 24, 2013

Funky Fingers Solar Collection: Solar Flare & Lil Miss Sunshine

Solar Flare
Solar Flare is a seriously lovely neon yellow creme with green shimmer that is supposed to turn bright brick-ish red in the sun. 

Two layers over white on ring finger, four (!!!) layers on the rest
I haven't bitten my nails since I started this blog, PS. Slowest. Growing. Nails. Ever. The middle one broke, to be fair. Also, you'll notice that my ring finger has a layer of Zoya Purity (white) under the Solar Flare since we all know that's how neons are supposed to be, you know, worn, or whatever. Formula-wise, the polish is a little on the thick side and coverage isn't great if it's not layered over white which is pretty normal as far as I know.

dat shimmer
What stands out for me about this polish is the green shimmer. That's good and bad, because what should probably be the selling point of a color-changing polish is its, um, ability to change colors. 

I mean, okay. It's definitely a more orange-toned yellow and not neon anymore. But it's definitely not anywhere near the color it said it would turn in the sunlight. I shall henceforth refer to this polish as Solar Normalcy.

Then there's this little fella:

Lil Miss Sunshine
Lil Miss Sunshine is a pearly white creme that's supposed to turn orange in the sun. You know, it doesn't specifically say "in the sun" anywhere on the bottle. It says "OUTSIDE". I didn't, however, go outside. I opened my window and stuck my hand in the sunlight. Maybe that's what the problem is... maybe you have to actually BE outside. Maybe the polish knows....

Two layers over white on ring finger (it's my right hand, PS), three on the rest
I think I might change the name of this blog to "Pictures of How Effed Up My Fingertips Look". I seriously have got to have the deepest-ridged fingerprints in this entire world. And I can't even grow my nails out too long because when I try to put in or take out my contacts I, like, scratch my corneas off. MY LIFE.

Anyway, it's pearly white. See? Aaaand now in the sunlight:

It goes a nice pastel apricot. Orange, no. Still a fruit, I guess. And it's a pretty nice color all the same, but still not the in-your-face color change I was hoping for. I declare this polish Lil Miss Peachface.

So there it is. You can pick these guys up at Five Below for $3 a pop. Other colors included a bright teal that changes (maybe) to a dusty blue-grey, a bright bubblegum pink that changes to a darker version of itself and a vivid fuchsia-purple that changes to eggplant.