March 6, 2014

Smitten Polish - Klaatu Barada Nikto Swatch & Review


My 20 month old little boy's nose has turned into a waterfall and I'm following him around with tissues so he doesn't wipe his snot all over every surface. I somehow don't have the cold, yet. My immune system is on a timer or something... I get illnesses one week after the whole rest of the family gets theirs. Also he wakes up screaming in hour intervals because he can't breathe through his nostril faucet and he hasn't yet mastered the skill of mouth-breathing. I really, really, really love coffee these days.

Little Bottles of Love and The Disease of the Week.

Completely unrelated to having a cold, today's little love is called Klaatu Barada Nikto which (as mentioned on the Smitten Polish shop site) is "the incantation Ash uses in Army of Darkness to retrieve the Necronomicon." In most lights, the polish looks like a true blurple with scattered holographic glitters, but it leaned more blue in OttLite. It's beautiful either way and makes me think very little about dead books, or whatever.

There's a lot of depth to this polish that I feel is lost in pictures. The rainbow effect is much more apparent in less-direct light, and it's suuuuuper sparkly. The formula is like, not thick, but reminds me of a watery gel if that makes any sense, in a very good way. Man, that description sucked. It's good, yeah? It should be noted that it also dried with quite a dull grit to it but topcoat brought it back to life.

Shown below is two coats, followed with a coat of Rejuvacote, followed by a coat of Essie G2G for ultimate gloss-ocity.

For funsies I also took a blurry bottle macro to acquaint you with the rainbowy goodness that my swatch pictures are failing to show you:

Aaaand finally a really blurry bottle macro that looks like it should have some kind of girly-fonted inspirational/love quote with a little <3 at the end that a seventeen-year-old girl would put on Facebook after getting dumped. Just to, you know, cover all my bases.

Glitter glamor shot! I often say "pictures doesn't do this polish justice" though I've seen swatches online of said polishes that look pretty ding-dang amazing, so I feel like I should maybe amend that statement to say "my photo skillz don't do this polish justice" to be completely fair. I'll be using a different camera soon so we'll see if that changes things in the quality department. Finkers cross't!


  1. I absolutely love this polish. I felt the same way when I blogged about it. Just could not capture how truly amazing it is!! Argh. And it made me sad, like I ripped the polish off.
    You did a great job of showing off it's depth though! Squishy joy.

    1. I wish there would have been sunlight when I swatched this bad boy because I know the rainbowy goodness would have been more apparent. I totally know what you mean about not doing a polish justice. I'm re-swatching some of my earlier blog post polishes now that I kind of know what I'm doing to try to, uh, un-shame them, haha.