March 10, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer - 24 Karat Rose Swatch & Review

My boyfriend and I just watched all the Harry Potter movies in a row (except for 2 and 3 which our five year old insisted on watching pretty much daily when we didn't have cable last year) and it makes me want to reread the books. I know I'm almost thirty and all, but what I wouldn't give to find out I had some sort of magical abilities. I would sooooo still totally go to Hogwarts, I don't even CARE.

I really loved swatches of 24 Karat Rose but I had read mixed reviews about the warm color being pretty but maybe too subtle. I had never owned a thermal polish before, mostly because I think a lot of the sweetness of a thermal comes from seeing the effect of both (or more) colors on longer nails. My nails aren't so long, if you didn't know. Luckily I found a mini for sale for super cheap on Storenvy, though after wearing it I wouldn't mind having a full size bottle.

When cold, 24 Karat Rose is a bright rose pink with gorgeous golden shimmer that, when warm, completely loses the pink. The base when warm has, like, a touch of a pale golden hue to it; enough that the nail doesn't just look bare with gold shimmer. It's, um, awesome. Note to self: Google synonyms for 'awesome'.

Shown below is two coats of 24 Karat Rose, with a coat of Essie G2G on top. First set of pictures is when my fingers were cold (which, by the way, I did nothing to achieve. Ms. Icehands over here).


And cold with just the tips dipped in hot water:

The formula is lovely to work with. I really have no complaints with this polish. I know some people might be kind of 'meh' about the amount of VNL present with the polish warm, but I quite liked the effect-- in fact, it camouflaged the staining on my nails nicely. A great gateway thermal polish, because I needed another type of polish to lust after.

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