March 18, 2014

Emily de Molly - Monet's Garden Swatch & Review

I'm trying to go through my untrieds but I keep getting more polish. Polish problemz. Today, for example, I got Monet's Garden in the mail and uhhhh had to immediately put it on because green jelly with glitters.


This isn't my first EdM; it's my third, but it's the first one I'm bothering to swatch because the other two I have are Cosmic Forces and Oceanic Forces and my nails are far too, I don't know, lame too stand up to super huge circle glitter. Oh, you know what? I swapped Oceanic Forces. I've got two EdM, then, and here's this one.

Monet's Garden is, if you didn't catch it earlier, a green jelly base with various small-sized glitter in green, lime green, bright green, magenta, purple and blue (some of which is holographic). The formula was nice and work-ably thick though I used pretty substantial coats to achieve the density of glitter I wanted.

Shown below is three coats with Essie G2G on top.

Quite lovely, and the glitter mix is definitely invocative of the polish's name. EdM has a way with glitter! Not that we don't have an insane amount of awesome indie polish in the States, but I often wish shipping cost was, uh, nonexistent internationally because I would definitely have more EdM in my collection.

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