March 11, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Heisenberg Swatch & Review

Once upon a time our satellite cable provider (who is just awful) sent us a faulty replacement cable box the day before the Breaking Bad series finale and we didn't get to watch it and had to stream it from some broken-English website the next day. That is my Breaking Bad story for you.

Heisenberg, anyway, is an ice blue fleck-filled polish with tiny holographic glitter. I purchased my bottle second-hand and it was remarkably thick so I did thin it down a bit. From the reviews I'd read, there wasn't anything about the formula being thick so I think it might have just been a result of having been used several times before I got a hold of it. As it was a LE polish from August of 2013, I didn't much care about use. I just wanted it, you know?

Shown below is two layers of Heisenberg over two layers of Orly - Pretty-Ugly as to bring out the lovely crystal blue of the flecks. On top of that is two layers of Orly Sec 'n Dry because where did my Essie top coat go? :/

Sooooo sparkly! The polish can be worn without a base color is how dense it is, but it would probably take another layer or two for opacity. I think Pretty-Ugly was a good base for this polish; similar enough in color but not too dark or too bright so that it doesn't overpower the two thin coats of Heisenberg. I'm really glad I found somebody who wanted to part with this!

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