July 18, 2014

A Story About China Glaze - DV8

Once upon a time Brandy bought China Glaze DV8 (along with a few other pretty fantastic polish finds, as can be read all about here) during her first dusty hunt. She swapped DV8 and another  hard to find polish for a few rad polishes with a delightful Canadian.

She went back to the salon to buy another bottle of DV8 but the one the salon owner had out was only about a quarter full. She bought it anyway since it still had a few good manicures left in it, despite the extreme goop-factor. She added some polish thinner in an attempt to restore the precious little bit back to its original holographic glory, but the thinner instead separated the shit out of the polish and made it the most depressing little bottle of nonsense in existence. 


A few months later Brandy pops into the salon just for funsies and lo and behold a brand new bottle of DV8 is sitting proudly on the rack. She scoops it up with utter glee, only to be told that it wasn't for sale because it was "popular with the customers". Endless sigh.

Fast forward one year: DV8 pops up on Storenvy for cheap. Brandy buys it despite being preeeeeetty broke whilst having an unknown amount of moving expenses coming up later this month, a-heh heh ehhhh, because birthday present to herself! My birthday was yesterday, and now I'm in my last year of my twenties which is completely f*cked up in every way imaginable. 

Hey, uh... also my blog turned 1 on July 7th. Wooooo! Don't people usually have giveaways for this sort of thing? Man, sorry about being so lame, guys. Once we're all moved into our new place, and I have this new baby, and all the kids are in their teens and self-sufficient and whatnot I'll figure out how to do a giveaway, and I'll give things away sooooooo hard.

^ you guys ^

So I'm sitting here, eating Herr's Kansas City Prime Steak Flavor potato chips and Old Towne Chocolate Fudge Soda (ever the unfailing stereotype of pregnancy), getting all amped up to play Animal Crossing New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS my boyfriend got for me for my birthday (which I've wanted for three years, mind). My EPs better McFreaking come tomorrow... mail's been kind of weird lately. Tracking is all like "oh, girl, you'll get your stuff by so-and-so day!" and then I DON'T. But when I do, I'll swatch them for you, even though it seems like everybody is selling them off. I wish the Enchanted Polish Mystery Monthlies were as exciting as her random collabs/site exclusives, you know? Meh. Meh for days.

Welp, time to go catch beetles on the island for mad bells. Kiss kiss.


  1. This cracked me up!! It had everything, even Herr's....

    1. The Herr's were actually pretty "meh" compared to what I was desperately hoping they would be. They kind of tasted like if you opened a gigantic packet of beef ramen noodle flavor powder and dumped it into a bag of chips. Ate them all anyway.

  2. You're completely nuts and I love it. LOL

    I'm so mad at our mail person, I can't even... We live in an apartment complex and the mail *never* brings packages to the door - even things that need signed for! He/she/it just leaves a little note in the box and takes it to the office.

    The problem with that is that I'm in a wheelchair a lot of the time, and can't *get* to the office when they're open even assuming I can get to the danged mailbox to find the slip of paper that I have to have. Forget getting to the actual post office, since I don't drive and my daughter works.

    So... I emailed a complaint and got a 'Gee, we'll make sure that doesn't happen again' from the postal service. A friend sent me a package that will be delivered today... We'll see.

    (Wow. Where'd that soapbox come from?)

    1. I just! What's even the point of being a mail carrier if you're not going to carry the mail properly?! How'd the package situation go? Any luck?

      On the note of "why do you even have that job if you hate it/suck at it so much?", I watched a garbage man seriously Hulk-throw (is that a thing? Can it be?) a trashcan into the sidewalk. Like, dude... maybe we need to explore our job options here.

  3. Your DV8 story sounds so much like mine! I found a bottle that was about 1/3 full at a salon on vacation, bought it (as well as LOL, Sexagon and 2nite which were all more full of course) and well completely in love with it. Of course I didn't have a chance to go back before I left to get the SECOND BOTTLE of DV8 that they had on the shelf. Totally killed me that I missed out on it and used my bottle very very sparingly.

    Then come almost a year later I stumbled across a sale and got a totally full completely unused bottle of DV8 in someone's blog sale for 12$ (plus some other CG holos because I clearly can't help myself). I thought for sure I was going to get ripped off but it showed up just fine and is now the star of my collection.

    TL;DR : DV8 is amazing, I got lucky and got a second bottle. Best.Polish.Ever.


    1. Yeah! Mine was $12 too! DV8 twinz 4 lyfe. Besides being pretty, it's the first nail polish that ever gave me an adrenaline rush, ha ha. I also got Sexagon (shudder) but it was only liiiike 1/3 full. I wish I would have gotten more of the LOL collection she had before she smartened up to htf polish inflation. I'm moving, um, tomorrow, so I'll have new territory to hunt in now which should be exciting! Sigh.

      Anyway, thanks! It was a good birthday indeed.