July 15, 2014

Pahlish - Mystery Holo Swatch & Review

Today's my baby's birthday. He's two years old!!! So technically not a baby anymore, blah blah blah, he'll always be my baby and all of that. For you I have a whole slew of unprompted freak-faces from the birthday boy himself (who's currently taking a birthday nap [edit: he literally woke up four seconds after my typing this sentence which is why it wasn't published until after 7 PM], which is why mommy is able to update her blog with A REAL LIFE NAIL POLISH SWATCH!!!!!!) Behold:

He's actually pretty cute in real life.

Anyway... today, for you, I have a mystery polish from Pahlish which are basically prototypes and "oops" batch bottles. There are three kinds to choose from: creme, glitter and holographic. I went with the holographic because doy.

The mystery holographic I got consists of a cardboard brown sheer-ish base with medium linear holo, gold glass flecks and strong golden shimmer. I've wanted a good holographic nude-y shade for a time now, so I'm pretty pleased with what I received. Also ohhh my goooddddd I'm so glad my nails are finally growing out. 

Shown below is three thin coats without topcoat under OttLite.

Pahlish Mystery Holo Swatch & Review

Pahlish Mystery Holo Swatch & Review

Pahlish Mystery Holo Swatch & Review

It's, like, butterscotch-y kind of, and the flecks are subtle but they add dimension on the nail, girl, you KNOW? It's got a lot going on, but everything works together so nicely that, like, whatever that it's got a lot going on. 

I.. um.. my birthday is on Thursday and my dad and stepmom just dropped off the baby's present (a Fisher Price trampoline that is AWESOME) and some birthday money for me and I kind of want to go to Ulta, like, right now. So I'm, like, gonna.

Hey... what's going on, guys? How've you been?

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