January 7, 2014

Sinful Colors - Zeus Swatch & Review

I like polishes that have sneaky shimmer, or shimmer that's like 2 tones off from the base color. That being said, Zeus has a VERY shy shimmer that only comes out in a very particular light. That's okay since the base is a pretty rad dusty purple-toned periwinkle. How, by the way, did periwinkle become a thing? I'm going to Google it.

Also, I've recently become pretty obsessed with Sinful Colors. It's my favorite drugstore brand by faaar, probably in my top three mainstream brands. Zeus was a fairly streaky nightmare, however, but became opaque in three very deliberate, heavy-handed coats. It's shown here in artificial light with Essie GTG on le top.

I acquired Zeus via Pinterest sale (God, I really love those, you know?) along with Sinful Shine - Who's the Gloss, which I'll be posting tomorrow.

ON A SIDE NOTE: it's cold as serious balls in Ohio right now. This would then, of course, be the week after the week I stalked Pinterest relentlessly for lemmings and bought them. Lots of them!

Oh, I can't wait. I love nail mail. Except when it's frozen to death. Poor babies. :(

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