January 27, 2014

PinkDipsyBulle - Water Lily Swatch & Review

Disclaimer: I don't own RBL - Water Lily, but I do own Gap - Bright Pool which I have seen is very similar to the RBL.

Unlike Bright Pool, PinkDipsyBulle - Water Lily is a jelly, and the base is less straight turquoise and more of an ocean water green that gets its turquoise-ness from the pink shimmer.

Below is three thin coats, topped with Essie G2G under daylight lamp.

As uuuuusual, the pink doesn't photograph as color-accurately as I ask it to. As you can see, there's still some VNL action.

I'm a jelly junky and I loooove Bright Pool, so it's nice to have a happy combination of the two.

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