January 29, 2014

Crochet Manicure Nail Art

I want neat nail art, you know?

At first, I thought maybe I could layer a few colors on top of each other and use polish remover and small brushes to gently reveal the layers of color.


For this, the "crochet manicure," I painted two layers of Sinful Colors - Thimbleberry, two layers of Essie - The Girls Are Out and two layers of Essie - Carry On (I'm pretty sure... I got it without a label). I then took the smallest paint brush I could find and went back and forth over the same spot like twenty times until the pinks started showing through. Then I did that about eight hundred more times in a crochet-y looking pattern. Me and lines, man.

Thimbleberry and The Girls Are Out look are too similar for there being two pinks to even be necessary. Next time I try this I'll use more contrasting colors.

Anyway, I topped the end result with Essie G2G and called it a day. What do you think? Meh?

My cuticles were a disaster... I tried to clean up as nicely as possible but Carry On got all down in there and I was just like F this. Oh well, at least now I have somewhat of an idea of what I'm doing.

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