December 3, 2013

OPI - La Boheme & Royal Rajah Ruby

I found La Boheme in a nail salon that I've passed a thousand times! Ayyayayayayaya!
I also picked up Royal Rajah Ruby. The perfect Christmas color for me if ever there was one.

<3 La Boheme <3

My index and middle are RRR whilst my ring and pinky are La Boheme; 3 coats of each with 1 coat Seche Vite. Hey, look! My nails are finally happening again. :D



Sunlight & flash.


Not that I'm not in love with La Boheme, but my favorite from this collection is still Movin' Out. Or maybe Man of La Mancha is. Although I don't own the whole collection (yet...) so maybe neither of those are ACTUALLY my favorite... or maybe one of them is... but maybe not... or maybe...

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