November 22, 2013

Nail Tape NOTD: Turquoise & Green Chevrons

My favorite sweater in the world is this color-blocked green and turquoise, super soft, comfy and warm thing (that pills like a maniac). I love turquoise to begin with, but the green yarn that was used to make the sweater is so pretty, it almost makes me like green.

But I still don't like green all that much. DEAL WITH IT.

So, um, this girl can't get enough nail tape chevrons in her life, right? I used Gap - Bright Pool and Layla - CE54 (which is seriously the only "true green" polish I own... I ain't playin' around with that not liking green thing) and Fingr's nail tape and anyway, chevrons.

Note: I understand that there isn't anybody in the history of the world who holds their polish bottles in such an obtuse way. Unfortunately for me, this is the only picture where my thumb was present that didn't super suck (I think my hands were made in a strange way... it's super awkward for me to get my thumb in pictures, like, ever). So, if you could just ignore the bottle, that'd be greeeeaaaat.

Flash. Why? I don't know, really.
Bright Pool does have a pretty pink shimmer to it that I completely failed to capture, which I guess works towards my, um, vision? as my sweater doesn't have a pink shimmer either.

In other news, I want my dang nails back.

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