November 11, 2013

Rimmel: Mania Swatch & Review

One step forward, two steps backwards.

So, these are my little nubbins again. It's also about to be winter here (boo hoo hoo) so the clouds are ever present and I just need a dang lighting setup, you know? Not even just for nail polishy things!

I picked up Rimmel Mania, like, I don't even know when. Lotsa years ago. In the bottle, it looks like one of those velveteen Christmas ornaments that are all satin-finish glass but have this weird depth to them. Do you have any idea what I mean?

Wis Flash!
Of course, I didn't capture what I'm talking about in the photo. But it's kind of pretty anyway, right?

This polish is kind of a super deep blue with that weird gold/yellow shimmer that makes it appear dark green on the nail, but it's like your brain knows it's not a green polish even though the shimmer blends into the base. Also in some lights you can really see the blue. It's thisclose to being a duochrome.

Cloudytimes. See the blue though?

Blurry flash.
That picture kind of shows what I'm talking about with the Christmas ornament thing. I don't have a lot of polishes that have that kind of effect.


It says on the bottle "Perfect coverage in one coat". That was almost true with this guy. It was just slightly patchy in some places because of how pigmented it is, so that it just looked blue. The formula is thick, but in a really pleasant, workable way. Of course, this color isn't sold in stores anymore so my review is soooort of irrelevant,  but I mean. I used to use my polish to paint all sorts of stuff (like pretty designs all over my caboodles, RIGHT?) so this bottle is running kind of low, which bums me out, as it's a downright awesome polish.

So... hi guys. Hi the four of you that might glance at this blog now and again. I can't promise I'm going to be updating frequently yet, but this is a start, now that my nail depression is settling down.

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