December 7, 2013

Lynnderella - Mlle. Violette de Bleu Swatch & Review

Yo! No hotdogs on this day.

So here's that Lynnderella I was telling you about.
It's a vaguely pigmented blurple base (is that on purp-ose?) with a couple sizes of blue and, like, violet and holographic periwinkle hex glitter... except I believe the blue is the only color that is multi-sized. And by multi-sized I mean there's a small kind, and a super small kind. This is kind of ridiculous, but I honestly cannot tell if there are violet AND periwinkle holographic glitter. I'm looking right at the bottle, right? And I'm like 85% sure there is. How can I not just tell? Because I'm getting old, is how. Old eyes. So anyway.

This is one dabbed-on not-terribly-thick coat over Mentality - Moe (do you remember that post?). I've heard pretty righteous things about Lynnderella and her glitter sorcery. So, obvs the glitter payoff was solid. Didn't dry insanely lumpy but I still used a pretty hefty layer of Essie G2G over it.

I read about the cloud of dramaaahhh surrounding Lynnderella and wasn't convinced that the polishes were worth the money (or the hassle in some cases). I'm also not a huge fan of glitter toppers, so I guess in a way this was working out in my and my financial lameness's favor. That being said, I'm quite thrilled with Mlle. Violette de Bleu and I'm delighted in getting able to wear a polish I likely would never have gotten otherwise. I'm starting to sing a different tune about Lynnderella as a whole...

Read: new obsession a-brewing.

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