August 10, 2014

Sinful Colors - Eva So Bright Swatch & Review

1. We're all moved-in to our new house.

2. I'm using my old computer again which means the new font I downloaded for my watermark isn't, uh, in use yet (because, okay, my boyfriend is doing this really top-secret computer nonsense and has been for a few months now... He's not a big 'keep secrets from Brandy' kind of guy, so I have this inkling that it has to do with some sort of future proposal, but I'll keep you posted. Oh anyway I have my own user account or whatever on this computer, but my permissions are limited and we keep forgetting to have him edit them. Stuff's password protected so I can't go snooping around on his account. No, it's not porn related either, which I know you were probably thinking).

3. After three small tears on two nails, I decided to reshaped my tiny claws. I present to you:

Tah Dahhhhhh!

They're actually kind of the perfect shape for me regarding how often they tear, but also super bizarre because I've always been a squoval kind of girl. I don't know that I'm necessarily the type of lady to be able to appropriately pull off the sass, but whatevs. Better than nubs, riiiiight?

So I got my PinchMe box a few days ago and I was able to snag a Sinful Colors for it. That's how I got this polish, yeah? Free as heck.

Eva So Bright is a, uh, bright pink/coral creme with a surprisingly good formula -- no streaks, dawgs! My photograph sort of makes it look like it has a fine pink shimmer, but it really is just a straight creme. Self-leveling and super shiny, to boot! I wish all Sinful Colors performed this well.

Shown below is three thin coats (no topcoat) in direct sunlight.

Yeah, sorry about the one picture. I mean, you get the idea though. In other news, I'm starting to show a baby bump a little bit these days. Truth be, it's still mostly food-dependent, but at least I'm pretty unmistakably pregnant now and not just paunchy, which I'm generally pretty okay being anyway. This was taken after a delightful dining experience at a Hibachi restaurant called Yukiho which is located freaking four minutes down the road. They, soon, will know me by name.

You can't tell that well from the picture, but our bathroom wallpaper is this super-faded pink and metallic silver seahorse/shell print that I love and hate equally. I would like it more if it wasn't accompanied by a pink tile border, maybe. Redoing the bathroom is high on our list of cosmetic improvements for our little bungalow. Where did that name come from, btw? Bungalow.

All right, buddies. See you next time.