August 11, 2014

Orly - Just Peachy Swatch

Don't go getting used to this two-days-in-a-row crap. Der Boyfreuden is working late tonight, the kids are asleep and I only have like 20 more minutes of the finale of Top Chef Season 10 so I was all like, "Oh I know, I'll swatch this polish that I've had for-ehhh-ver".

I put up a DISO* post in a nail polish facebook group I'm part of, basically begging for Orly - Just Peachy. Remember that whole thing, like six months ago or whatever? A darling babe actually sold it to me, under the conditions that I would neither 1. resell it for any sort of profit and 2. not love it. Cool man, right?

Just Peachy is kind of a tricky polish in that it was never a part of any collection by Orly but rather manufactured without hitting the market and instead sent to discount retailers like TJ Maxx (or possibly only to TJ Maxx... I don't know that I've heard Just Peachy being spotted anywhere besides) which is d to the umb because it's freaking DANG. You've got this bright, warm pink base packed to heck with gold shimmer, right? And it's a texture polish too, which you and I both know that I am ALL about, girlfriend.

Shown below is two coats with topcoat under OttLite. I added topcoat because it brings out the color of the shimmer in photos.

Ughhh. I can't wait to use my regular watermark font again, side note. Pretty fabulous though, right? And I'm starting to really love the shape of my nails, now. Plus they're super good for scratchin'. Super happy I got my grabby-hands on this little friend without having to cut off my foot or whatever bizarre sacrifice I was willing to provide to the giver-of-the-polish.

*Desperately In Search Of, ya donk.


  1. Love, love, love Just Peachy! I checked out a local TJ Maxx and they just had one sad little Essie. It really is pretty, congrats on getting one! Also love your new nail shape, totally fierce!

    1. I still have yet to check out the TJ Maxx here, like a turd.

      Thanks! My nails WERE looking pretty fierce, until I snapped the middle one doing dishes. Cue the rassin' and the frassin'. I don't even care anymore. I'll still swatch even with freak nails.

  2. Have you seen Just Peachy has a dupe?

    And I'm going to try to do my nails in that pointy shape, because they're snagging and splitting on the sides and that might let them not break as much. Of course, I decided this after I cut the dang things. ::sigh::

    1. Missy!
      That's exactly why I filed mine down -- and it really has helped (except when jamming one's hands into objects accidentally while frantically searching for things and they just snap in half...).

      I have seen the Just Peachy dupe! In fact, there was this discussion about it in one of the Facebook nail groups I'm in, and I learned that Orly owns SpaRituals (or something like that). Interesting, no? I wonder how exactly that process happened, like if polish designers at Orly (is that even a thing? Polish designer?) created this Just Peachy guy and then decided that he'd be better suited being released in a SpaRituals collection, or what?