October 7, 2013

Speciallitá Hits No Olimpo: Ares Swatch & Review

Back when I used to have the shortest nails in human history, I always used to paint them red. I didn't care for red cremes as much as red crellies (although I didn't know what a crelly even was) and I preferred the red to be toned more tomato than magenta if I couldn't find a true red-red.

Anyway, if I would have had this polish back then I seriously doubt I would have worn anything else, and I would have grown my nails out much sooner.

When rainbows get into knife fights, this is what's left.

Ares is the color of straight-up blood. Blood red. Like, seriously. With holo, obvs, but man it is the perfect red. Did I mention that it's, um, like, super red? RED!

Okay, and it applies like angel kisses. Not a 1-coater, probably a 2-coater if you're not me. I applied 3 coats just to be, I don't know, ridiculous. Thin coats, by the way. And a coat of Seche Vite because that's what I doooooo.

Direct Sunlight, FINALLY.

Less-direct Sunlight. REEEED.
I. Need. To. Get my paws on the rest of the Hits no Olimpo collection because, duh. I have a soft spot in my heart for holos to begin with, but holo in a super-pigmented sheer base? For-GET it. This and the Jade Holografico collection. GAH. Too many polishes, not enough funding. Amirite?

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