October 12, 2013

Dollish Polish: Expecto Patronum Swatch & Review

I've been an HP fangirl from day one, for realsies. There's nothing that gets me in the feels more than fantasy and magic and blah blah pushing my glasses up and living in my mom's basement and all of that. My patronus would for sure be, like, a potato. So, anyway...

Expecto Patronum is a (not too) sheer milky white base with small aqua hex glitter in varying degrees of smallness (some of which are holographic!) and magical iridescent shards. I know I rave, like, a lot on this blog, but I LOVE THIS POLISH.



I bought this polish from a Pinterest sales board and it's slightly older, round-bottle style. Some of the glitter has settled against the side of the bottle (and I will be googling methods to correct this shortly), but the glitter payoff was still good. I didn't struggle getting an even dispersion of glitter at all. I used three coats for full opacity, but you could probably be fine with just 2. Also, I'll probably just layer this over while next time. It applied super smooth too.

This polish is definitely made of happy thoughts, man.

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