November 14, 2014

My Son, the Artistic Genius

Ah, blogging hiatus with no foreseeable solid continuance...

Bought lots of polish/sold lots of polish. Also, my nails are ALL GONE, really. The nubbiest of nubs you could possibly imagine.

In other news, my due date is 62 days away.

In more other news, my 2 year old drew me a picture (upon my request) of me (also upon my request) and it's fabulous. Every non-mom out there is rolling her eyes right now, ha ha.

I've labelled my parts, for your convenience:

Like, I know it's a seismic mess but EYEBROWS THOUGH. Sigh!

Anyway, I miss you guys. Hope you're all well. I truly haven't turned into a "mommy blogger" (I guess I'm not any sort of blogger, at the moment) but mommy-things are just kind of at the forefront of my life, obvsss.


1 comment:

  1. So you should be close to your due date. I hope things are going well...

    Happy New Year!