May 12, 2014

Funky Fingers - 220 Volts, Let The Beat Drop and BPM Swatchs & Reviews


Here's part two of my non-designated-as-such Funky Fingers Neon Shimmers (mostly) Extravaganza 2k14. This is what I was telling you about yesterday!!!!!

The odd one out of these three is 220 Volts, which is a straight neon, no shimmer. In fact, he doesn't really even belong with the other five, I wouldn't say, but he's what I bought so I'm just gonna make it wor----

HOLY SHHHH. Lightning just struck about 2 inches from my house just now. It was so close I heard the crackle before the thunderclap. I'm gonna go ahead and put my heart back into my body real fast.

Fun Fact: Brandy + Thunderstorms = Panic Attack Citaaaay

Ehem, so anyway, work. These are all over Funky Fingers - Gesso under OttLite.

220 Volts is about as neon blue as you can get. The formula was a bit thin so I ended up needing three coats instead of two. I'm not in love with this polish... it's blue, and that's about all it has going for it. I think I'm just spoiled by the shimmer. This one was color corrected slightly for brightness matching purposes.

Funky Fingers 220 Volts Swatch

Funky Fingers 220 Volts Swatch

The one that I figured would be my favorite but ended up not being is this one: Let The Beat Drop. Kind of a neon-ish cornflower blue with pink shimmer. I ended up needing three coats to even it out. It's not really neon, but it's oddly brighter on the nail than you'd think it'd be from the bottle. Possibly because of the bright-ass white underneath? We may never know.

Funky Fingers Let The Beat Drop Swatch

Funky Fingers Let The Beat Drop Swatch

And finally my favorite of the three: BPM, which I'm pretty sure stands for Brandy, Polish Maniac. This reminds me of Formula X For Sephora - Hyped which I also adore. It's neon magenta with I don't even know, purple? Blue? shimmer. There's a lot more depth and saturation in this polish than my camera was able to capture. It's also rad even in lower lighting!

Funky Fingers BPM Swatch

Funky Fingers BPM Swatch

So there it is. I'm not dead by lightning either!
Like I said, there were a few more sans-shimmer neon Funky Fingers but I might pass on them if they're like 220 Volts. I don't wear neons enough to justify buying polish just for the sake of having it.

Wait... no, I justify it pretty regularly actually. Especially when it's what??
[crowd response] SUPER CHEAP! [clapping, cheering]

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